Blood Ties

I wrote several fics for Blood Ties in 2009. These are all listed below, with links to where they are archived on AO3. Meta on the series can be found on Dreamwidth.

All Dolled Up With Someplace to Go
This was written as part of Yuletide Madness 2009 for docwho2100.
Vicki + Coreen/OFC, 580 words.
Coreen has a hot date; Vicki wishes them well of it.

Living Histories
Vicki on Henry and Christina, 100 words.
Christina is Henry's past.

Ways to Keep Safe
This was written for docwho2100 in Yuletide 2009.
Vicki + Coreen, 1414 words.
Coreen and Vicki's mother are both against her.