Cool Guys Like You, Heathers vid to Trigger Happy Jack (Poe), 3:36 min. "You know what I want, babe? Cool guys like you out of my life."


Nightmare, Terminator 1 and 2 vid to Machine Gun (Portishead), 1:27 min. Just when you think you've woken up.

Imaginary Man, Labyrinth vid to Song of Imaginary Beings (IAMX), 4:21 min. Sarah's always falling, but she's not going to fall in love.

Figure of my Hate, Revengers Tragedy vid to Apparition (Patrick Wolf), 1:18 min. Bear to him/That figure of my hate.

Love Post-Apocalypse, multi-fandom vid to Love in a Fallout Shelter (Battle Circus), 4:03 min. "I was wrong when I said staying alive is as good as it gets."


Know What I've Done, Descent vid to In the Now (Cursive), 1:58 min. This wasn't the adventure Juno had planned.

Gem Apple John, Death Note vid to Gem Apple John (Grayson Gilmour), 2:51 min. How L won the war.

In a Moment, Constantine vid to Ghosts II, track 12 (Nine Inch Nails), 2:14 min. It's not that everything changes, just that she's seeing more.

Eden, Doomsday vid to Tristan (Patrick Wolf), 2:25 min. How Major Eden Sinclair became queen of the punks.

I Have a Computer Robot, Sarah Connor Chronicles vid to I Have a Computer (Disasteradio), 1:31 min. Cameron's not a real girl.

Keep Living, Ong Bag 2 vid to Excess (Tricky), 4:37 min. Survival is a fight.

Cast the Red, The Rebel vid to Cast the Red (Grayson Gilmour), 3:52 min. Thuy will not stand idly by, and nor should you.

In Your World, Thor vid to In Your World (Muse), 2:34 min. Things look different from Loki's perspective.

Ashamed, The Rebel vid to Ashamed (Muse), 3:50 min. "Doesn't matter, 'cause I'm in control."

Guitar Hero, multi-fandom vid to Guitar Hero (Amanda Palmer), 4:32 min. Shut up about all that negative shit, you wanted to make it and now that you're in


Contracts, Wanted vid to Contracts (So So Modern), 3:22 min. Fox gets what she wants, never mind the the price.

Soft Boy, Ninja Assassin vid to Soft Boy Factory (Baseball), 2:32 min. "There's so much blood in the air."

In the Bullpen, The Avengers (2012) vid to The Bullpen (Dessa), 2:37 min. Black Widow FTW!

You Know You're Never Coming Back, Thor/Avengers vid to Red Right Hand (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), 4:48 min. Just because you have Loki in a cage, doesn't mean he's not right where he wants to be.